Know your golf game

An app to record all your practice shot stats so you can commit to shots on the course

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Club Distances

Most golfers don't know the distances for all their clubs. Our app tracks the averages of all your shots, for every club so you know exactly what club to hit on the course.

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Practice Efficiently

We're all guilty of going to the driving range and spending most of the time hitting driver as far as we can. Our app forces you to get comfortable with your entire bag.

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Different Shot Types

How often in a round do you have an approach shot that is the exact distance you hit a club? Hitting those half, 3/4 or even quarter shots is key to going low. Our app tracks those distances too.

How it works


Find a driving range, golf course, or indoor facility with a launch monitor and start hitting some shots.


Select your club and shot type you're hitting and log the distance in the app.


Repitition is key. As you log more shots, the more data you can use for the course.

Find a Simulator

If you're like most of us, you don't have a simulator. No problem, we partner with driving ranges, golf courses, and even retail stores so you have access to a golf simulator wherever you are. You can find and reserve a hitting bay with a launch monitor over the app!

Shot Types

On the course, you're forced to hit multiple different shot types. Practicing those shots on the range will help with distance control when it matters most.

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Full Swing

The full swing is the most common and powerful golf swing. It involves a complete rotation of the body and a wide swing arc to generate maximum club head speed and distance. In a full swing, the golfer takes the club back until it is parallel to the ground, then swings through and follows through with the club finishing high over the shoulder.

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3/4 Swing

As the name suggests, the three-quarter swing falls between the half swing and full swing in terms of swing arc. The golfer takes the club back to about three-quarters of the full swing position and follows through accordingly. It offers a balance between power and control.

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Half Swing

The half swing is a shortened version of the full swing. It involves taking the club back only halfway or around waist height, and then swinging through to a similar position on the other side. The half swing is often used for more controlled shots or when less distance is needed.

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Quarter Swing

The quarter swing is the shortest version of the full swing. It involves taking the club back only to your knee or trailing thigh. The quarter swing is often used with wedges for short shots onto the green, or escaping from junk.

Customer testimonials

Other golfers apparently love our app

I now go to the range with intentions and set goals instead of hitting shots aimlessly. Plus with so many clubs and different swings, it's great to have all my distances in a convenient place.

- Tiger Woods

My range sessions are so much more efficient now. Thanks to the app, I hit shots that I never would have hit before and it's translated to my on-course play.

- Max Homa

My handicap has dropped 4 strokes since I downloaded this app!

- Rickie Fowler

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