About Us

Our Goal

No matter your handicap, all golfers can benefit from knowing their game a little better. The easiest way to do that is by knowing the distance you hit every club, and hitting different shot types.

Our app offers an easy-to-use, central location to track all your shots and conveniently display your shot data for each club as well as shot type.

By using our app, you'll be forced to hit shots that you normally wouldn't. That way, when you're in between clubs on the course, you'll know exactly what shot to hit.

Practice Makes Perfect

Our goal is for you to know how far you hit every club in your bag. We categorize shots into four types - full swing, three-quarter swing, half swing, and quarter swing. No matter what distance your approach shot, there's a shot in your bag for it.

How to Practice

Don't just go whack some balls aimlessly and record your distances. We suggest treating each shot you log in the app, like a shot on the course. This means picking your target and performing your same pre-shot routine.

Additionally, take your time between shots. On the course you typically have a few minutes between shots. No need to rush your practice session!

The more accurately you can mimic a shot on the course, the easier you'll be able to translate it to the course.